Gnome Punters

Button Pushing Session 1

During this session, the Gnome Punters reach the Gulch of Gore and wiped out the band of 8 Kobolds guarding the entrance to their cave. After resting for 5 hours, they killed several more kobold which emerged from the cave and prepared to enter and wipe out the creatures.

The Punters are on a quest from the mayor of Lambdin, a village three days away on foot that has been suffering from kobold raids ever since a minor drought began several months earlier. They narrowed down the source of the kobolds to the Gulch and have request the Punters clear out this nest of monsters.

As proof, they have requested the return of an old, small painting of Lambdin, which was stolen during the last raid. They have promised a reward for killing the kobolds and retrieving the painting.

The above was posted by our wonderful DM giving us proper names for things and places. I just have a few quick things I’d like to add.

First, our initial plan of drawing the kobolds to us (although that took a while since there were several failed attempts in gaining their attention) and funneling them through a small space between the rise we used as cover and some boulders was at least partially successful. Thalia and Bowl took out the kobolds that tried to do an end run around the other end of the rise and Cledur Kavall and Shanta took out the others who fell for our trap. Go Team!

One other specific piece of information I wanted to post was that during game play Celdur Kavall learned a great deal about the kobolds through a knowledge nature check and then shared this information with the rest of the group. I feel the most pertinent pieces of information to posted here are these: (1) these creatures speak Draconic and (2) these are nasty sadistic creatures who like to protect their territory with booby-traps like spike pits and trip wires.

Please feel free to leave comments with any additional information you feel vital to have recorded and posted here both for now and for the future.



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