Gnome Punters

Button Pushing Session 2

The Punters continued their quest to clear out a nest of kobolds from the Gulch of Gore. After determining that they could locate no additional entrances, they entered the cave and cleared the entryway and guards room of six kobolds. Two fled. They also killed a dire rat.

The party ended the session by withdrawing from the caves and making camp near the mouth of the ravine.

Again, that information which appears above the line break was posted by our DM and represents a short and accurate version of the game play events. I just wanted to add a little more detail.

  • Bowl used a spell to light the caves so we could see.
  • Sathera used a spell to detect the pit trap with the trap door.
  • Chunked the Gnome and he landed in deadly proximity of several kobolds
  • Celdur jumped to pit trap so that he could help Bowl
  • Thalia put an arrow with a rope attached to the ceiling so others could swing across, however Thalia fails in this endeavor and falls into the pit
  • The rest of the group wages war with kobolds and rats while sits int he pit awaiting rescue
  • During the course of battle a rat is startled and falls into the pit with Thalia
  • Thalia begins her own war down below against the rat
  • Sathera gives light to Thalia below by casting a spell on the trap door to the pit
  • Shanta tries to swing over to the other side of the pit using the rope, but also fails and falls into the pit with Thalia and the rat managing to completely miss crushing the rat in the process
  • Bowl pushes some planks over to Sathera and she using them to cross over the trap with no incident
  • Thalia kills the rat
  • The rest of the group above, through means both slashing and freezing, have managed to obliterate the attacking kobolds and lower that aforementioned planks down into the pit for Thalia and Shanta to climb out after Celdur Kavall has ripped off the trap door
  • The group retreats from the cave and goes to make camp and rests for 8 hours

Well, that all folks. No pieces of vital info just a little more detail in regards to our most recent adventure.



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