Gnome Punters

Planning Session II

Well, this was another great planning session.

We started out working on characters and determining how everybody ends up in prison. Apparently, “Bowl” is a thief, Celdur Kavall our beloved Barbarian is in for assault, Shantha Danaria decided to spout off which was frowned upon, and well, Thalia needed some tavern style therapy and started an all-out brawl which resulted in her being charged with assault and disturbing the peace among other things. So, we know how most of us have ended up in prison, Go Team!!

After the characterization session was called to a close, our lovely DM Sarah opened to floor for name creation for landmarks and places including a name for the realm we will be playing in. Between Jon, Lindsey, and Lauren, a large bank of names for future use was compiled, but be prepared as future instances for name generating may well arise and all input is welcome and appreciated.

In other news:

1) Jon and Cronk proposed to Lauren that Shantha Danaria might be better suited when played as a Cleric as opposed to a Paladin, and after some consideration this class shift was made by Lauren as she felt it would allow her more freedom when playing her character.

2) Jon was assigned to the task of Rules Lawyer and will be responsible for being familiar with all the basic rules of general game play, so if you have a question about the rules Jon is your man!

3) Lindsey requested the job of being the group’s Communication Officer which was granted. This means that you’ll all be receiving plenty more emails from me about our last planning sessions and to arrange game play dates and times. Additionally, she has been assigned the wonderful task of keeping the adventure logs for our group, and as such she will endeavor to chronicle our adventures both accurately and entertainingly. Feel free to provide constructive criticism on the adventure logs because these are here to help everybody keep the happenings of our sessions straight.



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