Gnome Punters

Button Pushing Session #3

As we awoke from an 8 hour rest, we decided that we should continue with our task of clearing out the kobolds from the caves as we promised the town. We entered by the same entrance as the last time. Celdur Kavall jumped over the pit trap yet again and set out the planks so that the rest of us could cross safely to the right side of the cave system.

As we proceed down the cave system, we encounter a lever. Both Bowl and Thalia attempt to move the lever but are unsuccessful. After these two failures, Shanta steps forward to try and detect magic on the lever, and in anticipation of something potentially less than good happening once the lever was pulled, Thalia stepped forward in front of Bowl inadvertently triggering a portcullis trap separating her from the rest of the group and bring to attention two Elite Kobolds and a few younglings. Celdur Kavall finally manages to move the lever but when he lets go it returns to its original position at which point he pulls the lever back again and wedges his dagger into the lever to hold it in place.

With the lever in place, the group moves forward to face off the kobolds. Kavall and Thalia went to face off with the elite kobolds while the others faced off with the younglings. Bowl also assisted with the destruction of the elite kobolds. Shanta managed to intimidate the younglings into fleeing back into a room within the caves and after killing a few of the kobolds, the female kobolds negotiate a surrender for themselves and their young; they agree to leave the caves and the area and never return or harass the towns people again as well as providing our group with directions to the Kobold Chieftain, and we in return let them flee the caves and follow the direction given us to face off with the Chieftain.

However, before we start off in earnest to begin this confrontation, Bowl decides to search a kobold alter at the back of the now vacated cavern room for treasure. At this point, Bowl triggers a pit trap with nasty spikes at the bottom that he narrowly misses in his fall. Thalia searches for more traps and detects them all around the alter but finds that it is safe to step up and help pull Bowl out of the pit trap. Bowl successfully throws up his rope and Thalia manages to catch it and working together Bowl is returned to safe and stable ground. Hoorah!

There is yet another lever visible in the room and after a brief inspection the group ultimately decides to move on up the hall towards the chieftain when yet another lever is discovered up the hall. After figuring that this lever also most likely goes to the portcullis trap Thalia again takes the lead and manages to run into yet another trap, this time a razor wire stretched across the walkway, and does herself some minor damage. Thalia then cuts through with trap wire with her sword so the others can pass safely through. The group then back tracks slightly to inspect a door which Celdur Kavall ultimately smashed in to reveal a food storage room, although not really what most of us would call food.

As the group moves on from the storage room they notice yet another lever just up the hall and faced momentarily by instance of collective indecision, Thalia decides to pull the lever and see what happens. Thalia is successful in this attempt and though nothing appears to happen, she continues to hold the lever in place. Bowl then safely moves further into the cave system only to be met with the third kobold elite of the day. At some point Thalia decides to release the lever to see what will happen after which Bowl decides to retreat back towards the rest of the group. Bowl takes damage when a swing scythe grazes him as he moves past a certain point in the corridor. At this point it becomes apparent that Thalia’s previous hold on the lever had halted the swinging scythe and before she can re-establish her hold on the lever Celdur Kavall jumps through the deadly trap to do battle against Elite Kobold 3. In order that the party may pass through the corridor assured of their safety, Thalia pulls back on the scythe yet again and holds it in place while the other valiantly battle with Elite Kobold 3 and then the Kobold Chieftain emerges after Elite Kobold 3 falls. Once the rest of the party had moved safely past the swinging scythe of sentient cessation, Thalia released the lever and moved as fast as her feet would take her past the trap and managed to pass perilouslessly through.

While the battle with the Chieftain was not an easy one, ultimately the group was victorious and in one accord set out to find for themselves loot. In an ironic twist of fate, it was Bowl the Gnome that found himself treasure-less after their looting while Celdur Kavall, Shanta, and Thalia all find nice little treasures for themselves. In addition, the painting that the town asked for as proof of the group’s completed mission was recovered, but seeing as how the group still has at least half of the cave system to search and rid of the kobold menace, it was decided that the illustrious warriors would venture to the safety of the outside again making camp in the same location they had the night before and taking the planks with them to ensure their ability to pass over to the other part of the cave system with both ease and safety when venturing again into the darkness to complete their quest.


1 Day: Sunrise to Sunset (6 am to 6 pm)

Button Pushing Campaign

Day 1
4 pm: arrived at the Gulch of Gore
4:30 pm: defeated kobold guards
>5 hour rest<
9:30 pm: entered kobold mine
10:00 pm: left kobold mine
>8 hour rest<

Day 2
6:00 am:

Button Pushing Session 2

The Punters continued their quest to clear out a nest of kobolds from the Gulch of Gore. After determining that they could locate no additional entrances, they entered the cave and cleared the entryway and guards room of six kobolds. Two fled. They also killed a dire rat.

The party ended the session by withdrawing from the caves and making camp near the mouth of the ravine.

Again, that information which appears above the line break was posted by our DM and represents a short and accurate version of the game play events. I just wanted to add a little more detail.

  • Bowl used a spell to light the caves so we could see.
  • Sathera used a spell to detect the pit trap with the trap door.
  • Chunked the Gnome and he landed in deadly proximity of several kobolds
  • Celdur jumped to pit trap so that he could help Bowl
  • Thalia put an arrow with a rope attached to the ceiling so others could swing across, however Thalia fails in this endeavor and falls into the pit
  • The rest of the group wages war with kobolds and rats while sits int he pit awaiting rescue
  • During the course of battle a rat is startled and falls into the pit with Thalia
  • Thalia begins her own war down below against the rat
  • Sathera gives light to Thalia below by casting a spell on the trap door to the pit
  • Shanta tries to swing over to the other side of the pit using the rope, but also fails and falls into the pit with Thalia and the rat managing to completely miss crushing the rat in the process
  • Bowl pushes some planks over to Sathera and she using them to cross over the trap with no incident
  • Thalia kills the rat
  • The rest of the group above, through means both slashing and freezing, have managed to obliterate the attacking kobolds and lower that aforementioned planks down into the pit for Thalia and Shanta to climb out after Celdur Kavall has ripped off the trap door
  • The group retreats from the cave and goes to make camp and rests for 8 hours

Well, that all folks. No pieces of vital info just a little more detail in regards to our most recent adventure.

Button Pushing Session 1

During this session, the Gnome Punters reach the Gulch of Gore and wiped out the band of 8 Kobolds guarding the entrance to their cave. After resting for 5 hours, they killed several more kobold which emerged from the cave and prepared to enter and wipe out the creatures.

The Punters are on a quest from the mayor of Lambdin, a village three days away on foot that has been suffering from kobold raids ever since a minor drought began several months earlier. They narrowed down the source of the kobolds to the Gulch and have request the Punters clear out this nest of monsters.

As proof, they have requested the return of an old, small painting of Lambdin, which was stolen during the last raid. They have promised a reward for killing the kobolds and retrieving the painting.

The above was posted by our wonderful DM giving us proper names for things and places. I just have a few quick things I’d like to add.

First, our initial plan of drawing the kobolds to us (although that took a while since there were several failed attempts in gaining their attention) and funneling them through a small space between the rise we used as cover and some boulders was at least partially successful. Thalia and Bowl took out the kobolds that tried to do an end run around the other end of the rise and Cledur Kavall and Shanta took out the others who fell for our trap. Go Team!

One other specific piece of information I wanted to post was that during game play Celdur Kavall learned a great deal about the kobolds through a knowledge nature check and then shared this information with the rest of the group. I feel the most pertinent pieces of information to posted here are these: (1) these creatures speak Draconic and (2) these are nasty sadistic creatures who like to protect their territory with booby-traps like spike pits and trip wires.

Please feel free to leave comments with any additional information you feel vital to have recorded and posted here both for now and for the future.

Planning Session II

Well, this was another great planning session.

We started out working on characters and determining how everybody ends up in prison. Apparently, “Bowl” is a thief, Celdur Kavall our beloved Barbarian is in for assault, Shantha Danaria decided to spout off which was frowned upon, and well, Thalia needed some tavern style therapy and started an all-out brawl which resulted in her being charged with assault and disturbing the peace among other things. So, we know how most of us have ended up in prison, Go Team!!

After the characterization session was called to a close, our lovely DM Sarah opened to floor for name creation for landmarks and places including a name for the realm we will be playing in. Between Jon, Lindsey, and Lauren, a large bank of names for future use was compiled, but be prepared as future instances for name generating may well arise and all input is welcome and appreciated.

In other news:

1) Jon and Cronk proposed to Lauren that Shantha Danaria might be better suited when played as a Cleric as opposed to a Paladin, and after some consideration this class shift was made by Lauren as she felt it would allow her more freedom when playing her character.

2) Jon was assigned to the task of Rules Lawyer and will be responsible for being familiar with all the basic rules of general game play, so if you have a question about the rules Jon is your man!

3) Lindsey requested the job of being the group’s Communication Officer which was granted. This means that you’ll all be receiving plenty more emails from me about our last planning sessions and to arrange game play dates and times. Additionally, she has been assigned the wonderful task of keeping the adventure logs for our group, and as such she will endeavor to chronicle our adventures both accurately and entertainingly. Feel free to provide constructive criticism on the adventure logs because these are here to help everybody keep the happenings of our sessions straight.

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