A small town of approximately 1,000 people that sits on the northern edge of the Jurgen Hills.

Not long after a minor drought began several months earlier, the town has been suffering from kobold raids coming from the Gulch of Gore. In the latest raid, a small painting of Lambdin created 100 years earlier was stolen by the kobolds. While worth little financially, it has great historical importance to the townsfolk.

The town is surrounded by a tall wooden wall and scattered hedges.


  1. City Hall
  2. Guard House/Lock-up/Honored Guest Quarters
  3. Pelorian Temple
  4. Chillman Mansion
  5. Smibert Lodge
  6. Dancing Square Cellar Tavern
  7. Baker’s
  8. Tailor the Siru
  9. Josey Legal Services
  10. Blint Footwear
  11. Weaver’s
  12. Shoes by Asirin
  13. Bonfield Tailoring
  14. Butcher
  15. Tanner
  16. Weaver
  17. Fletcher General Goods
  18. Dark Wheel House Tavern and Inn
  19. Garin Carpentry
  20. Skidmore Woodworks
  21. Sanford Shoes
  22. Miller
  23. Stouthammer and Kalare Blacksmithy


Robert Joffrey – Human, age 57, Cooper by trade. 2 years into a 7 year term. Moderately wealthy.

Olan Jedrig – Human, age 43, Captain of the guard.

Pindin Chandler – Not the brightest guard but overall happy and gullible.

Vinan Olotolin – Came from the North lands to get “away from all that damned snow”. Speaks with a heavy accent and carries a grudge against all Northeners.

Marben Tallcrippler – Gnome, age 103. Married to Aranda Tallcrippler.

John the dog – 8 foot tall clay golem dog.

Town Crier
Horrry Tallcrippler – Gnome, age 32. Son of Marben and Aranda Tallcrippler.


Gnome Punters Irenka